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New CPU steppings from Intel

by on02 July 2007

Changed made to QX6800 and E21x0 series

Intel is about to make some changes to the stepping of its QX6800 and E21x0 series parts, with the QX6800 moving to G-0 and the E21x0 parts to M-0.

The QX6800 will get a retail package along with the new stepping and a new kind of cooler will be included with the CPU. The maximum allowed case temperature has also been increased by 9.7 degrees C to help reduce noise. The CPU ID has changed from 06F7 to 06FB to mark these changes.

The E21x0 series has been given an extended HALT function that will reduce the wattage from 12W to 8W. Again, the maximum allowed case temperature has been increased, this time from 61.4 degrees C to 73.2 degrees C to help reduce fan noise.

Some minor physical changes has been made to the E21x0 series as well, but no BIOS upgrade is needed as the CPU's are otherwise fully compatible. The CPU ID has been upaded from 6F2 to 6FD to reflect these changes.
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