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Intel gets into the movies

by on25 June 2007


Ratatouille has extra rat

Intel is spending more than $8 million to promote a Pixar movie which it thinks will encourage consumers and IT managers to buy its dual-core products.

Intel is hoping that Ratatouille, which is a cartoon about a rat who wants to be a chief in Paris, will inspire consumers to expect a similar high-end multimedia experience at home on their Intel-powered computers.

AMD did really well when it partnered with HP to promote "Shrek." Intel is hoping for the same action.

Intel is spending its cash on online, print, and retail display advertisements including presentations of the movie at Circuit City as well as demonstrations on Toshiba computers.

According to Information Week in addition to helping the Pixar team, Intel had a separate team of engineers works with Disney on the studio side with data centre optimisation for distribution.

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