No Broadcom takeover, says Mediatek
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Rumours are wrong

MediaTek has dismissed a rumour circulating in the Taiwan media that Broadcom had approached it about a takeover.

Intel octocore chip leaked
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Hail Hydra

A slide of an octocore Intel chip benchmark has leaked onto the worldwide wibble. 

AMD will patch some CTS Labs flaws
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It is not another Spectre

Chipmaker AMD us planning to release patches to fix some of the flaws in its microprocessors pointed out by CTS Labs last week.

AMD cuts some Ryzen and Threadripper CPU prices
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Ahead of Pinnacle Ridge launch

Ahead of the rumored launch of its second-generation Ryzen CPUs next month, AMD has announced a price cut for some of its current Ryzen-desktop and Ryzen Threadripper processors.

IBM wants total power in the datacentre
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All your datacentres should belong to Big Blue

IBM is quietly confident that its new POWER chip can sweep ARM and x86 out of the datacentre market.