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AMD slashes APU prices

by on22 October 2014

Save up to 20%

AMD is slashing prices on its A-series APU products and the cut affects new Kaveri parts along with old Richland and even Trinity generation chips.

While we welcome every price cut, we are somewhat puzzled by some prices.

Eating into the AM1 market

Starting with old Richland and Trinity parts, AMD is cutting prices by 10 to 20 percent. The A10-6800K should now retail at $112, down from $139, while the A8-6600K dropped from $99 to $92. The cheap A4-6400 is now even cheaper, as it went from $47 to just $34. The A4-5300 will sell for $31, while the A4-4400 will go for $27.

The A6-7400K, the cheapest Kaveri with two cores clocked at 3.5/3.9GHz, had its price slashed from $85 to $58, making it a steal.

These price cuts are interesting as they put a few Trinity and Richland parts in AM1 territory in terms of pricing. The A8-7400K isn't far off, either. AMD's AM1 platform is still the cheapest socketed platform offered by the company. Since AM1 boards are basically vessels for Kabini SoCs, they are much cheaper than FM2 and FM2+ boards.

Kaveri gets 20% price cut

The flagship A10-7850K is now priced at $143, down from $179. At $133 and $123 you'll find the A10-7800 and A10-7700K, previously priced at $164 and $159 respectively.

As far as 45W parts go, the A8-7600 is now priced at $92, down from $109. We had a chance to review the 7600 earlier this year and it should be noted that the chip was supposed to retail at $119 when we reviewed it. We already mentioned the dual-core A8-7400K, which now sells for $58.

There is still no word on Athlon price cuts, but needless to say they are expected to tumble as well. We found the Kaveri-based Athlon X4 860K listed at €65 in Europe, down from €77 last week. 

We were unable to find any evidence of price cuts on Richland and Trinity based Athlons at this point.

Last modified on 22 October 2014
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