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ARM dismisses 128-bit

by on27 November 2013

64-bit chips are enough for now

ARM says that no one really needs 128-bit chips and 64-bit is enough for everyone for a long time. ARM dismissed a rumour that it was working on 128-bit processing architecture saying that in he coming years everyone in the ARM camp will try to improve their 64-bit offerings, not introduce all-new 128-bit CPUs that will not be needed for years to come.

Ian Drew, chief marketing officer and executive vice president of ARM said that news reports have suggested that ARM is developing 128-bit processor technology are untrue.

“64-bit processors are capable of supporting the needs of the computing industry now and for many years to come. There are absolutely no plans underway for 128 bit ARM-based chips because they simply aren’t needed. Rumors to the contrary are simply incorrect,” he said.

He said that it was an exciting time for the ARM ecosystem, with leading solutions from ARM partners taking computing to the next level. In the coming year he expect we will see increasing announcements of 64-bit solutions across mobile, networking and server markets, Drew said.

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