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Apple A6X tops SoC benchmarks

by on31 October 2012

Finally some good news for Cupertino

Apple has had a rough couple of weeks, marked by legal setbacks, an underwhelming product launch and a controversial management shakeup.

Today the outfit is getting some positive coverage. Apple’s new A6X processor has been benchmarked and as expected it’s a beast. The SoC was taken for a spin in Geekbench and it scored 1757. For some perspective, the iPad 3 scores just over 750, while the iPhone 5 hits about 1650, probably thanks to a smaller screen.

However, the benchmark also indicates that the A6X doesn’t do very well in threaded apps and it can be beaten by quad-core chips, such as Samsung’s Exynos 4. However, in single core tests, the A6X blows everything out of the water.

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