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Intel building high-performance server chips

by on11 September 2012

Money in the cloud

Intel has been hinting that it is developing high-performance lower power server chips to speed up cloud services or data-intensive applications like analytic.

Apparently this will involve the integration of a converged fabric controller inside future server chips. This will make server communication faster while helping data centers operate at peak efficiency.

Raj Hazra, vice president of the Intel Architecture Group said that Fabric virtualises I/O and ties together storage and networking in data centres. If you add in an integrated controller you get a wider pipe to scale performance on cloud platforms. He said that the integrated fabric controller will appear in the company's Xeon server chips in a few years as part of Intel's cunning plan to bring the controller to the transistor layer.

The controller will offer bandwidth of more than 100 gigabytes per second.The chips have enough transistors to accommodate the controllers, which will only add a few watts of power draw, Hazra said.

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