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Ivy Bridge goes over 7GHz mark

by on31 May 2012

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Core i7-3770k on Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H motherboard

An overclocker from Taiwan managed to get his Intel Core i7-3770k Ivy Bridge CPU past the illusive 7GHz mark, of course with some help of LN2.

The overclocker who goes by the name of HiCookie managed to get the Core i7-3770k as high as 7.03GHz with some help of liquid nitrogen cooling. As a mater of fact, this is actually a fully validated world record with Ivy Bridge CPU. The Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H motherboard, Corsair memory and AX 1200 PSU were also part of the overclocking testbed, and CPU was wroking with enabled hyperthreading but three cores were disabled.

In order to get it to 7032.7MHz, the voltage was set at 1.956V, FSB was at 111.63MHz with 63x multiplier. Of course, this was done on an ES sample of the Core i7-3770k and some extreme liquid nitrogen cooling but it is still a great result.

You can check out the HWBot submission here, and a neat overclocking video below.

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Last modified on 31 May 2012
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