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AMD says “enough”

by on21 May 2012

Users have too much already

AMD claims that users have all the processing power they need and if they want more then let them eat cake.

CEO Rory Read who seemed to be parroting Bill Gates’ famous “640K ought to be enough for anybody” cock-up said “there’s enough processing power on every laptop on the planet today”. Read based his comment by saying hat more computing is moving into the cloud so you don't need that much brain power at a local level.

However even if that were true, there is no indication how much power will be needed locally in a decade which was how long the Gates quote was banded around as being short sighted. Also his comment is not viable when you consider how many consumers are likely to head onto the cloud, for all their PC use.

To be fair, Read thinks that AMD needs to move to a more graphical focus. With some cloud use consumers will need the ability to produce good graphics.  His idea is that the cloud will do the adding up and your CPU should just get on with the display features. However he has slipped a bit behind the times with this one.  Streaming gaming content in the cloud is possible these days thanks to systems developed by Vidia, Citrix, and LucidLogix.  It has not suddenly meant that users are rushing to the cloud.

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