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Intel to dominate high-end processor market throughout 2013

by on21 March 2012

AMD has nothing to counter Haswell, Ivy Bridge

Let me remind you that AMD’s Bulldozer architecture came out some three years after it was supposed to show up. This is why it didn’t perform that great against Intel parts, as Bulldozer basically supposed to fight Bloomfield 45nm and Lynnfield 45 nm cores released in September 2009.

Since it came three years later it didn’t stand much chance against Sandy Bridge. Ivy Bridge is launching on April 29th and it will render Bulldozer even more obsolete. AMD counters this with the Volan platform and Vishera CPUs scheduled to appear in Q3 2012. Vishera cores are slightly better Bulldozer cores, but once again they cannot win against Ivy Bridge.

Since Intel’s new Haswell 22nm architecture is scheduled to appear between March and June 2013, AMD will have even tougher time fighting Intel and AMD’s next generation 22nm Bulldozer is still not in sight for 2013.

It will be tough for AMD to grab much market in the high-end, but with decent APUs in mainstream and performance segment and a great price/performance ratio it might win a lot of designs with the Virgo platform and Trinity APUs this year, and the Kaveri platform and 3rd generation performance APUs are coming in early 2013.

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