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Ivy Bridge notebook comes on April 29

by on07 March 2012

Quad cores

Over the past couple of months people started talking about Intel being late with Ivy Bridge, but as of the last few months Intel has told its partners that Ivy Bridge quad-core chips are coming in April while the dual-cores are coming in May.

When a company names a month, you should expect to see the product toward the end of the month and with this in mind we are now confirming from several sources that Ivy Bridge quad-core based notebooks are coming on April 29th.

Despite the fact that dual-core Ivy Bridge chips are shipping to manufacturers in May, the official launch might take place on June 3rd, the first day of Computex Taipei, Asia’s biggest computer trade show. Let us remind you that we said that this was the schedule at least as of May 2011, something that we wrote here.

Intel is only facing a slight delay, as it could have been out a few weeks earlier with its quad-core, but we are hearing that there is nothing wrong with the chips and that volumes are shipping to manufactures as we speak.

Last modified on 09 March 2012
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