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Atom Z2610 is Medfield’s official name

by on16 February 2012

Penwell 32nm SOC and SGX540 graphics

Intel was very public about the fact that Medfield is coming to a tablet near you as soon as Q2 2012, but it’s been mum on quite a few details.

The new tablet chip will definitely end up in at least a few phones and tablets and it features a Penwell SoC 32nm core based on Atom architecture. It supports LPDDR2 memory, dual camera with up to 16MP, as well as an SGX540 graphics core for 2D and 3D acceleration.

When it comes to video support, Intel’s chip for tablets can cope with 1080p encoding and 1080p dual stream video decoding. The operating system of choice is Android 4.0 and tablets based on the reference design can also support WiDi. On a separate note, at least some of Intel’s next generation netbooks will  also feature WiDi support and it seems Intel is keen to embrace the new technology.

Intel also pays a lot of attention to security in its chips and Medfield comes with a built-in security engine, remote wipe capability, protected memory and protected apps.

The system on chip known as Atom Z2610 supports HDMI, USB 2.0, LP Audio and a few other things. This chip should get comparable battery life to ARM-based Android 4.0 tablets and hybrid devices and the rest of the spec should also be quite similar.

The release window is Q2 2012, so April to late July should be the time we will see the first Medfield tablets in retail. One more thing, Atom Z2610 is an Android 4.0 oriented chip and Intel has something special for Windows 8, but not this particular Medfield 32nm SOC.

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