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Atom D2500 doesn’t support Blu-Ray 2.0

by on20 December 2011

D2700 does

Now, even in the last weeks of 2011, Intel’s next generation Atom D2700 or D2500 Cedar Trail-D desktop processors are nowhere to be found.

Intel will tell you that it has been shipping Atom D2700 and D2500 since Q3 2011, or September, but so far there is not a single system or integrated board available, at least we are not aware of one. The systems based on Cedar View 32nm platform were delayed due some driver certification issues, and we heard a few times that Microsoft charges companies some extra penalty money if they don’t use WHQL drives.

This kind of explains why no one dared launch a system based on Windows and the latest Atom processors. It was rather interesting to find out that only faster and more expensive Atom D2700 clocked at 2.16GHz will be able to support Blu-Ray 2.0. This has to be related to its 640MHz graphics core. Atom D2500 clocked at 1.86GHz with two cores and two threads and same 10W TDP, 400MHz graphics won’t include Blu-Ray 2.0 in its spec sheet.  

We are sure that we will see them at CES on January 10th at Intel’s booth but not sure when to they hit the stores.

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