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Google abandons Pixel C

by on29 December 2017

Tame Apple Press celebrates

Google has finally given up on its Pixel C flagship tablet.

Google started flogging the Pixel C about two years ago, but it was not exactly committed to the market. The world had mostly woken up to the fact that keyboardless netbooks were not going to be the cure for cancer that Steve Jobs claimed they were.

The Tame Apple Press was hard on the Pixel C, mostly because it was rather good and it had a high price – something which the iPad already claimed for its own.  The Pixel had been originally designed to run Chrome OS, but Google couldn't get it to go on time. So, the Pixel C became an Android slate, and it has been selling continuously since late 2015.

Google stopped selling the 32GB Pixel C, but the 64GB flavour was around for $599. There's no new tablet to replace it so it might indicate that Google's interest in Android tablets is over and it is sticking to Chromebooks instead. After all, a netbook with a keyboard is always going to be better than a netbook without one.

Still, the Tame Apple Press is happy, as there is one less high end tablet for Apple to have to compete with. In fact many announcements of the news claim that it failed because it was too expensive, however it was nearly $100 cheaper than the equivalant iPad. 

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