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AMD Ryzen notebooks to arrive in coming weeks

by on25 October 2017

Acer, HP and Lenovo volume in Q1 2018

When the CEO of the company confirms it at the company’s Q3 2017 financial conference call, it has got to be true.

Dr. Lisa Su the chief commander of AMD,  told investors that Ryzen mobile powered by Vega GPU cores is expected in Q1 2018. This is not the first time Lisa is mentioning the same timeline, we already reported about it in August this year. AMD has designed Rzyen mobile to a high performance APU designed to power ultra-thin and two in one notebooks.

Acer, HP and Lenovo plan to launch their initial Ryzen mobile based systems in the coming weeks while the portfolio will get thicker in 2018.

Lisa expects to see some premium notebooks launching in Q1 2018.

The initial ramp for Ryzen mobile is happening in Q4 2017 - so pretty much right now, and AMD has confirmed that a significant amount of the volume that AMD plans to ship to notebook manufacturers will be Ryzen mobile.

Four step Ryzen ramp up

AMD has told Fudzilla this story many times, with the desktop channel first, followed by desktop OEMs and then the Ryzen Pro with commercial desktops. All these three steps have happened and now it is time for Ryzen mobile to reach the consumer market.

The market in 2018 will not be an easy win for AMD. Intel is upping its game, as it shipped its first four core eight tread Core 8000 series. Based on the first reviews that we’ve see including the Dell XPS 13, a flagship product under supervision of  Frank Azor of Alienware / Dell, it managed to squeeze much more performance and even gain better battery life. XPS 13 has doubled the core count from last year’s XPS 13 and still has better battery life.

AMD will definitely have the price performance ratio on its side as it has been years since AMD had a competitive part in the thin and light and two in one market segment.

Bear in mind that Vega based graphics will seriously challenge Intel’s UHD Graphics 620 graphics. Vega is simply better for gaming than anything Intel ever designed, there is no argument there.

Now it is only weeks until we see the first AMD Ryzen mobile designs out .

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