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Mobile Skylake has many improvements

by on24 July 2015

30 percent longer battery with faster graphics

Skylake is just around the corner. Intel will reveal the processor in August but  details are starting to leak already.

 Our friends at FanlessTech have managed to get a details on two mobile Skylake parts.

The Silicon Valley giant is replacing Broadwell generation of 14nm processors with Skylake new architecture made at the same 14nm. Intel claims that you can get up to 10 to 20 percent in Single or Multithread performance. This sounds like a leap forward.

The GPU is updated from the Gen 8 with GT3e for Broadwell H and GT3 for Broadwell U to a new Gen 9 LP and GT4e for Skylake H and eDRAM for Skylake-U.

The Skylake graphics can be up to 50 percent faster in 3D gaming. Intel didn’t play fair on the measuring as it compared the new chip with its 45W GT4e GPU versions 28W GT3 graphics on Broadwell.

 Skylake U has a TDP of 15W and is a dual core with lower clocks.  Skylake H goes to 45W, has four cores and much higher performance.  

We expect to see many of Skylake based notebooks in August and they all work well with Windows 10.  


Last modified on 24 July 2015
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