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Barnes and Noble slashes Nook prices

by on05 July 2013

Last gasp from troubled book seller

Troubled bookseller Barnes and Noble has slashed the prices of its Nook tablets in the UK. It is the second time Barnes and Noble has cut its prices to get t UK readers interested in snapping up the rival to Kindle.

You can now pick up the 7.7-inch Nook HD for £99. The larger Nook HD+, meanwhile, now costs £149, down from £229. The 16GB Nook HD now costs £129, and the 32GB Nook HD+ costs £179. A price cut at the end of April also saw the most basic Nook E-Ink ebook reader trimmed down to just £29. The deal is being billed as temporary.

The slashed price makes the Nook more appealing, as does access to Google's Play Store, which was granted in early May. Still Barnes and Noble itself might not be around much longer unless it can improve its sales figures dramatically.

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