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Apple holding back cheaper WiFi-only iPads

by on29 March 2012

Has them, wants you to buy expensive ones

Sources close to a German distributor involved in shifting a lot of Apple stuff have shared a pretty interesting story with Fudzilla.

We were complaining that all over Austria and Germany the new 16GB WiFi-only iPad had sold out, only to be told otherwise. It turns out that this particular distributor has hundreds if not thousands of entry-level iPads in stock, in both black and white, but they are selling simply riding the hype and selling more expensive SKUs as both Apple and the distributor make more money.

It is the WiFi version that costs €479 that is hard to get, but if you want a 16GB 4G version for €599 there are plenty available in this part of Europe, for example here. At €479 the new iPad is not a steal, but it is a fair enough deal, since high-end Android tablets usually sell for about €400. However, 4G iPads with 32GB or 64GB of storage do not offer nearly the same value for money.

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