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Apple to adopt slim bezel display for iPad mini

by on12 March 2012

If there ever is an iPad mini

Apple is apparently eyeing slim bezel displays for its rumoured 7.85-inch iPad. The idea makes sense, as tiny bezels could enable designers to fit a spacious screen in the 7-inch form factor.

The 7.85-inch iPad probably won’t feature a Retina-class display like its big brother and Digitimes reckons Apple will use IPS/FFS panels from LG Display and AU Optronics.

Of course, anything said about the 7-inch iPad, or iPad mini is highly speculative to say the least. If anything, Apple is as secretive as North Korean communists and it is already selling the old iPad 2 at $399, which does not leave much room for a smaller, cheaper version.

However, it would make sense for Apple to wade into the 7-inch market, which is currently the only bastion left for Android tablets. Priced at $249 to $299, the tiny iPad could make life miserable for quite a few Android vendors and put a dent in Amazon’s Kindle Fire plans.

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