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BestBuy stuck with heap of unsold HP tablets

by on17 August 2011

TouchPad paperweights anyone?
American retail giant BestBuy is reportedly stuck with an immense stockpile of HP TouchPad tablets and it is kindly asking HP to return at least some of them.

BestBuy apparently ordered 270,000 TouchPads but it managed to sell only about 25,000 units. It is unclear how many of the 270,000 were shipped to BestBuy, but the outfit is apparently stuck with quite a few of them.

What’s more, the 25,000 sales figure includes tablets returned to BestBuy for a refund. So far HP has expressed little interest in taking back the tablets but it seems to be continuing negotiations with BestBuy.

In spite of recent price cuts, HP’s TouchPad seems dead in the water, which doesn’t bode well for the future of WebOS at all.

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