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New dual-core Timelines now official

by on14 October 2009


SU4100 and SU7300 at tempting prices

Acer has officially confirmed a refresh of its Timeline series, something we wrote about a month and a half ago.

If you weren't paying attention, Acer will offer Intel's new dual-core SU4100 and SU7300 processors Timelines. Both CPUs run on 1.3GHz, but the SU7300 has 3MB of L2 cache versus 2MB on the SU4100. The rest of the spec remains unchanged, but the new SKUs will ship with Windows 7.

You'll easily recognize the new version by a 'Z' suffix in the designation, i.e. 1810TZ or 3810TZ. But the really good news is that Acer will apparently offer them at very competitive prices. Basically, you will be able to get a dual-core SU4100 for the price of a single-core SU3500.

So, if you were thinking about getting a Timeline, wait a couple of weeks and you'll get an extra core at no extra cost.

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