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Acer's Ferrari One gets external graphics

by on29 September 2009


More horse power for US $199

We already
wrote a bunch of details about Acer's racing-red Ferrari One, and the fact that it has the proprietary XGP port certainly sounded like an interesting fact. According to the post over at Asian CNET, the DynaVivid dock, how Acer calls it, will feature ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 GPU. (The Fud-squad wishes to congratulate AMD on securing its second XGP design win in as many years. sub.ed.)

The mentioned GPU gives Acer external graphics at an affordable price and should provide enough GPU power for some applications. This, of course, won't be enough to run Crysis at the highest possible settings but will allow for some decent, casual gaming.

The DynaVivid dock can push out 2048x1536 resolution on an external display via HDMI and VGA output and has six USB 2.0 ports as well. It has an external power adapter so don't count on using it on the road. The dimensions of Acer's DynaVivid dock are 193.5 x 193.5 x 32.8mm and it weighs around 0.65kg.

According to the same post, the DynaVivid dock should be available sometime in November with a US $199 price tag.

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