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Chinese white box vendors considering VIA, AMD

by on31 July 2009


For 12-inch netbooks

According to Digitimes, Chinese white-box netbook makers have already started churning out netbooks with 12-inch panels, and they are looking to AMD and VIA for chips.

Demand for larger netbooks and new thin-and-lights seems to be quite healthy, but these two product categories are dominated by Intel. While Atom-based netbooks are limited to 10 inch screens, CULV thin-and-lights are quite a bit pricier than netbooks, and AMD or VIA based systems could easily fill the gap. Big players, like Dell and Acer, can get away with using Atoms in larger machines, but small Chinese vendors are different story altogether.

AMD's Neo platform has found few takers, namely HP and BenQ, but worst of all, their products didn't end up much cheaper than CULVs. VIA's Nano, on the other hand, has also scored few design wins, but it's better suited to smaller and thinner designs than AMD's Neo, which is based on the venerable 65nm K8 core.

The new products will be marketed as netbooks, although they will feature screen sizes in excess of 12 inches. However, don't expect them to be as thin and stylish as CULV-based products, nor as powerful for that matter. On the upside, they could end up rather cheap, and offer punters a cost effective alternative to cramped netbooks or pricey thin-and-lights.

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