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Love Ipod buy a MAC

by on12 March 2007


Marketing wars

is flooded with latest campaign from the fruit company Apple computers. The banners are all over this lovely country and they are trying to force the consumer minds to understand that if you love iPod, you should go out and buy a MAC.

Europeans are not that crazy for ultra overpriced MAC computers and they are not selling that great over here. This is one of Apple?s great marketing tricks to get the sales numbers up. Europeans did fall for reinvented MP3 player called iPod and this little thingy is very popular around here, but not even close to its popularity in the states.

If you fall for the dark side and buy an Apple computer, a machine that had Vista interface even before Vista you will get an Epson printer. Many might be shocked to learn that Apple OS X had a better looking graphic interface than Vista aero glass some two years ago, when the company introduced its OS 10.4 also known as Tiger.   

If you have an iPod, MAC all you need is an iPhone but it will be a while before we get to see these sexy phones in Euroland.

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