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Parallella boards are becoming available

by on24 July 2013

Build your own super computer 

Parallella is starting to ship its first boards to kickstarter investors only a week after creating its first large scale Parallella cluster.

The system consisted of 42 Parallella boards (for a total of 756 CPUs), with the total power consumption coming in under 500 Watts. Parallella thinks this makes one of the densest clusters in the world and really does bring super computing in the realms of the great unwashed.

Over at the company web site it said that by constructing its own Parallella cluster we received validation that it is ready to ship our gen-0 Parallella boards to backers. Pre-orders are being taken for the 16-core Parallella board online at

"We are pleased so say that we were able to keep the Parallella entry point at $99 (for the zynq-7010 version) without losing money," the company said.

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