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P57 to come in Q4

by on02 June 2009


Computex 09: Pin compatible with P55

We managed to dig out a couple of additional details about the P57 chipset and its now set to launch in Q4 if all goes according to schedule, which doesn't always happen, but the good news, at least for Intel's partners, is that the chipset is pin to pin compatible with the P55.

This means that Intel's partners can pretty much do their board designs using the P55 chipset and then only have to validate their boards once Intel ships the P57 chipset to them. This is also the reason why there are so many P55 motherboards with ONFI support, despite the fact that the chipset doesn't actually support it and we'll have to wait for the P57 before we'll see any retail boards with this feature.

Expect the P57 to be the major performance platform from Intel later this year, as we've been told that the Core i7 and X58 will be limited to Extreme Edition CPU's once the Core i5 platform starts to take off and as such the P57 chipset combined with a high-end Core i5 will replace the none Extreme Edition Core i7's.
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