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Current G45 revision lacks VC-1 support

by on10 April 2008


GPU clocked slower than final version

According to Expreview, Intel is still having some issues with its upcoming G45 chipset and the current A2 revision is lacking VC-1 video decoding support alltogether. It seems like the clock speed of the GPU in this IGP chipset is also a lot slower than what should appear in the final A3 revision.

Considering that Intel was showing off this chipset at IDF Shanghai last week playing World in Conflict without too much trouble, it will be interesting to see what a boost from 667MHz to 800MHz can do to the 3D performance. Intel will also clock the GPU in the G43 chipset at the same speed.

New drivers are, of course, also in the works, which should further enhance the 3D performance of this IGP and we'll keep a keen eye on this development, as it looks like Intel might have its first decent IGP chipset on the way.

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Last modified on 10 April 2008
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