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AMD 770 board from Asus pictured

by on13 November 2007

All the details finally on the Asus Website

Asus has finally updated its Website with the previously announced M3A motherboard for AMD's socket AM2+ based on the AMD 770 chipset. It's a rather basic, no-frills board, but it has a solid feature set.

It only features a single x16 PCIe slot, but it also has two x1 slots and three PCI slots. It looks like a rather large board, considering its fairly basic features and we would have expected a slimmer board from Asus.

It has four memory slots for up to DDR2-1066 if you're using it with a Phenom processor. It also has four rear USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1-channel HD audio with coaxial S/PDIF out and a serial port.

Due to the SB600 Southbridge, the board only has four SATA ports and a single IDE connector and Asus hasn't added any additonal controllers to the board. A further six USB ports can be added via headers on the board, but Asus does not seem to supply these with the board.

One final new feature is what Asus calls the Q-shield, which is a new I/O backplate without any sharp bits sticking out. This is a great idea, as yours truly once had to get three stitches after cutting his thumb on an I/O shield.

You can find the product page here

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