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Apple brags about the worst smartphone updates in the industry

by on07 June 2024

If you have not upgraded after five years then Apple is not interested

The fruity cargo cult Apple has been telling the world that it will be offering security updates for its iPhone 15 pro for five years, seemingly unaware that its rivals offer them for much longer.

Apple made a rare public commitment on Monday, announcing a significant change in its security update policy. This change, which follows the UK's new Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulations, ensures a minimum of five years of security updates for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This announcement is a clear indication of Apple's dedication to enhancing the security of its devices.

In other words, the iPhone 15 is officially guaranteed to receive security updates until September 22, 2028.

However, as Google VP of Engineering for Android Security & Privacy Dave Kleidermacher points out, this means that Job’s Mob is not offering the best security update policy in the industry.

Both Samsung and Google guarantee seven years of security updates and Android OS updates for their respective flagship devices, which is two years longer than Apple guarantees.

“Consumers deserve to understand the minimum security support lifetimes for their consumer electronics at purchase time, and kudos to the UK government for mandating this transparency. Apple deserves a lot of credit for providing 5+ years of security updates for a long time. But now it's time to acknowledge iOS is no longer offering the best security lifetimes in the smartphone industry. Android is,” Kleidermacher said.

When attempting to spin this PR howler, the Tame Apple Press said that its favourite phone company “has long provided more than five years of security updates for its various iPhone devices.”

Even though Apple's comment has more legal weight given that if it lies, it could be fined, the Tame Apple Press is repeating a mantra that “some iPhones” have received security updates six or more years after the initial release, “which is far more support than the vast majority of Android devices receive.” However, it did not mention which phones received more extended support or why this was the case.

The Tame Apple Press claims that while Samsung and Google beat Apple regarding how long they guarantee software support, that doesn't mean iPhone users can't keep their phones for just as long, if not longer. No, it just means that they could be hacked at any moment.

Last modified on 07 June 2024
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