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Samsung produces 1TB UFS for mobiles

by on31 January 2019

No more need for microSDs

Samsung has started mass producing what it says is the industry's first one terabyte embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) technology for smartphones.

It will give the company's mobile devices PC-like storage without the need for large-capacity microSD cards and be jolly useful if you are bolstering your flagging ego by taking shedloads of selfies and pics of your lunch to show your friends.

Samsung says it's enough to store 260 10-minute videos in 4K UHD which is rather a lot of cat pictures.

Cheol Choi, EVP of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics said that the 1TB eUFS is expected to play a critical role in bringing a more notebook-like user experience to the next generation of mobile devices.

Samsung's upcoming flagship devices, such as the S10, will most likely come with a 1TB option thanks to its new eUFS technology. After all, Samsung started mass producing its 512GB storage technology back in December 2017 and then debuted it with its new phones early on in the following year.

In addition to offering massive storage, the new eUFS was designed to be faster than typical SSDs, microSDs and previous revisions of the technology. It has a 1,000-megabyte-per-second sequential read speed, twice that of the usual SSD and faster than its 512GB predecessor. Despite all those, Samsung says it'll come in the same package size as its 512GB flash memory, so it won't have to make its big phones even bigger.

Last modified on 31 January 2019
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