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Toddler hacks mum's iPhone and locks her out for 48 years

by on06 March 2018

So much for security

A two year old has managed to lock his mum out of her iPhone for 48 years thanks to Apple's super secure worth every penny form of security.

The toddler clearly was hacked off with his mother who had left him alone with her phone to apparently watch  ‘educational videos’ while she popped out for a bit.

She returned home to find that he had entered the wrong password so many times that it was locked for 25 million minutes. This is because Apple's super cool password system locks the phone in increasing increments of time when the wrong password is entered, starting with a small amount and then quickly growing with each incorrect attempt.  This does not make it easier on the user who forgets their password, it just makes it look like Apple has tough security.

Being a true Apple fangirl, the mother did not blame the phone for its novel security methods, or accept any responsibily herself.  Instead she blamed the kid. 

‘I couldn’t really wait for 48 years and tell my grandchild it was your father’s mistake’, the woman said, according to the South China Morning Post.

One Chinese technician said he’d seen phones locked for 80 years often due to adults getting it wrong/

The Tame Apple Press said that  locking your phone like this isn’t a total nightmare, because all you need to do is erase your phone data and do a factory reset. Which means you lose everything, but it is not as if you have any important data – your coldplay and U2 collection, your mother's phone number and er.. that is it.

The story sparked passionate debate over in China, with parents saying the iMum should not have given the phone to her child and let him play unsupervised. Others have pointed out that it probably would have been better to give him a proper phone to play with.



Last modified on 06 March 2018
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