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MediaTek powered Chromebook after Christmas

by on15 July 2015

A72 MT8173 2.0GHz with USB Type-C

MediaTek plans to start shipping its MT8173 tablets before the end of this month but it has also shared some plans to start shipping its first Chromebooks. 

The company has showed a prototype of a tablet powered with MT8173. This SoC is the first to come with two A72 and two A53 cores. The SoC can run up to 2.0 GHz which makes this a  big.LITTLE quad-core. The other two cores are based on the efficient Cortex-A53 architecture and 1.60 GHz clock speed.

The Chromebook based on this Soc will compete with Nvidia, Intel and Samsung for this market and the sources close to company believe that their partners will ship some of them close to 150 USD shipping price.

The MediaTek MT8173 powered Chromebook will also come with USB Type C that ican  charge the notebook and send a the image to a nearby monitor. Chromebook also supports Hotwording. It has ability to listen for the OK Google trigger word and do a faster voice based search for you.


The USB type C supports USB 3.0 speeds and it can support UHD 2160P (3840x2160, 4K resolution).

It has a dedicated charging port, USB Type-C connector, USB 3.0, media card reader, 3.5 mm stereo jack and an additionally USB Type-C that was used for a monitor in this demo.

Last modified on 15 July 2015
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