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iPhone 6 users snub their iPads

by on28 November 2014

Which was why Apple said phablets were useless

It is starting to be clear why Apple was so slow in releasing Phablets and convinced its Apple fanboys to laugh at the technology. Apple finally released its larger screen IPhone 6 and iPhone6S phablet and suddenly the fanboys are not using their iPads any more.

According to stats released by read-it-later app Pocket, iPhone6 and 6S users have ditched their iPads. According to the company, iPhone 5 and 5s owners consumed 55 percent of content on their iPhone and 45 percent on an iPad. iPhone 6 owner consumed 72 percent of content through the handset, and 28 percent via their iPad. iPad consumption dropped to 20 percent for iPhone 6 Plus owners.

Pocket notes, people with Android phones, which tend to have larger displays, consume 80 percent of their content through a phone and 20 percent on tablets. The company's data exercise also found that people with larger screen phones consume more content over all. For example, users with an iPhone 6 open 33 percent more articles and videos inside the app than they do with an iPhone 5s. iPhone 6 Plus owners open even more and have shaved their iPad usage by about a third.

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