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Rumour: iWatch will get an app store of its own

by on08 September 2014

Third party devs on board

Apple’s upcoming iWatch will reportedly run dedicated third party apps and have an app store of its own.

9to5mac says the Apple smartwatch will run third party applications. This means the device will not be a ‘second screen’ for the iPhone, as it will be able to do quite a few things on its own. Many analysts expected the smartwatch to be a simple companion device packed with Apple-only software.

Of course, nobody expects the iWatch to run proper iOS apps, but it is believed that Apple will have an app store section dedicated to the new product. Third party developers have reportedly already received an SDK for the device and Facebook is said to be one of the early adopters, just in case you don’t already have enough Facebook spam and pointless notifications on other devices.

We don't doubt for a second that Apple will come up with something gorgeous and functional, albeit somewhat on the pricey side. However, we are not sure Apple or any other outfit can develop a truly practical smartwatch with good battery life. It remains to be seen whether Apple can pull off something a bit better than Motorola, Samsung and LG, but that does not seem very likely at this point. 

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