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iWatch seems more than just rumors

by on16 July 2014

Will come in 2 sizes and 3 models in late fall

We have all heard the rumors about the Apple iWatch by now and it does seem that Apple will be releasing the wrist-worn device we are calling the iWatch sometime in late fall if all of the sources are correct. When we say late fall, whispers seem to indicate a November release is likely due to production problems producing it, so we would not be surprised at all if availability is very limited for the holiday season and into next year.

We are hearing more specifics now, which include the fact that we should expect the iWatch to some in two sizes with one for men and the other for women. The screen size will be 1.6 inch touchscreen and a 1.8 inch touch screen with and without a scratch-resistant sapphire screen cover. As for the screen itself, the word is that Apple has selected a flexible AMOLED display.

We suspect that it will be focused and health and fitness and contain biometric sensors. It will of course off iPhone connectivity using Bluetooth we suspect. Still we are hearing additional conflicting rumors from our sources in Asia that is making things difficult to separate fact from fiction. We may just have to wait and see, but like the expected iPad Pro, we think an announcement is coming very soon.


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