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4G phones could be ZTE’s push for the big time

by on27 March 2014

Could make up 40 percent of smartphone shipments

4G smartphone sales could make up 40 percent of ZTE’s global smartphone shipments this year, the company claims.

According to Reuters the Chinese telecom giant plans to ship 60 million smartphones in 2014. This is a 20 percent rise on last year. ZTE global head of mobile devices Zeng Xuezhong said that his company had concentrated on USA, Japan and Europe, but his year will add China to that list.

IDC claimed that Huawei shipped 48.8 million smartphones last year and Lenovo, which acquired the Motorola Mobility handset unit from Google in January, shipped 45.5 million units. As telecoms equipment makers, ZTE and Huawei are set to reap the rewards of contracts to build high-speed 4G mobile networks around the world. ZTE predicts global spending on 4G will be $100 billion in 2014.

Last year, ZTE became the first company to sell a smartphone - ZTE Open - running on the Firefox operating system. The company struck an exclusive deal to sell the phones online through e-commerce site eBay.

In 2013, while global carriers tended to adopt a careful approach to equipment investment, domestic carriers gradually increased their investment in equipment because of the issuance of4G licenses. That was also a major reason for the boost in ZTE’s performance, the company said.

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