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Conspiracy nuts wonder about Obama’s blackberry

by on24 March 2014

Nothing else to worry about

Great amounts of bandwidth are being dedicated to the strange case of President Obama’s Blackberry. For some reason the US press thinks that it is news that Obama refuses to give up his Blackberry for something a little more popular.

The White House Communications Agency is apparently running a pilot programme to abandon Blackberries, but the press wondered why Obama was not part of the pilot. The pilot program is part of the Defence Department and is responsible for making sure Obama has communications capabilities wherever he goes. White House spokesman Jay Carney says the Executive Office of the President is not participating.

US government agencies have been one of the last bastions for BlackBerry.

Of course could be seen by tin foil hat wearers as part of a conspiracy. Obama is clearly worried that the NSA will snoop Android or iPhones and wants to keep his Blackberry. Unfortunately this particular conspiracy would paint Obama as the good guy, something that tin foil hat wearers don’t want to do.

Of course there is a simpler explanation. Like many people in the western world, Obama is fine with his phone and does not see any advantage in upgrading.

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