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AT&T likely to drop Facebook phone

by on14 May 2013

Sales have amounted to very little

With a month into the sales of the HTC Facebook phone offering, AT&T has apparently already seen the writing on the wall, and sources tell us that AT&T will most likely drop the phone from their lineup. Sales of the latest Facebook phone offering are said to have totaled less than 15,000 units through last week, but AT&T has yet to release the actual numbers.

A good hint that things are bad for the HTC Facebook phone is that AT&T has dropped the price all the way down to $0.99 (yes, that is 99 CENTS), which at AT&T is never a good thing. Sources claim that AT&T will be able to return unsold inventory of the phone back to HTC, but there is apparently a deadline to do so, and one that AT&T does not want to miss.

Billed as the phone for Facebook fans, the phone was to deliver a Facebook experience on the go as no other phone could. The Facebook offering never seemed to catch fire here in the US, but its future outside the US is unknown.

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