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Microsoft has high hopes for sub-€200 phones

by on04 March 2013

Cebit 2013: Nokia and Huawei

Nokia, HTC and Samsung lead the high-end of the Windows Phone 8 market. Nokia used to be a high-end manufacturer only when it comes to Windows pohones, but it turns out that there is a wind of change coming out of Redmond.

Nokia is currently introducing its Lumia 720 and 520 phones, and the latter should end up under €200 and companies such as Huawei also plan to enter the Windows Phone 8 market at the same price. Huawei has a phone simply called the W1 that should come to Europe in April and that should sell for about the same money.

Microsoft wants to attack this market segment that is currently flooded by many Android devices and older iPhones. Christian Illek, head of Microsoft Germany, is a chap that comes from Telekom Germany (best known for its T mobile brand ed.) and he should know the phone market, at least on paper.

He was even mentioning that Microsoft has won two-digit market presence, but we didn’t catch if he was talking about the German market or wider. A two-digit market share starts at 10 percent and is probably less than 20 percent, simply as you would have the dignity to say 20 plus percent if you had that many.

We are not sure what to think about Windows Phone 8. It is more than a decent operating system, but we believe that Android and iOS are in such a lead that it will be hard to catch up. No major mobile announcements are expected at Cebit 2013, as the show is not mobile oriented.

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