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IHS iSuppli: iPhone 5 16GB BOM estimated at $199

by on19 September 2012

Priciest iPhone since first generation

Research outfit IHS iSuppli estimates that the new iPhone 5, in 16GB flavor, costs $207 to build, but the BOM cost is $199. This makes it the most expensive JesusPhone since the original iPhone 4GB, launched back in 2007. The estimate is much higher than $167.50, the BOM estimate reported by TechInsights last week

Unsurprisingly the new 4-inch touchscreen display is the priciest component, with an estimated cost of $44. The wireless section, courtesy of Qualcomm, ranks second, with a cost of $34, while the 8-megapixel camera and A6 SoC cost $18 and $17.5 respectively.

The cost of NAND has plummeted in recent years and a 16GB module costs Apple just $10. However, Apple did not change its pricing, so the 32GB and 64GB units cost $100 and $200 more respectively, although the BOM cost is only $10 to $30 higher.

Basically Apple is looking at a $90 markup for the 32GB model and $170 for the 64GB flagship.

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Last modified on 19 September 2012
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