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T-Mobile HTC One X to get Tegra 3+

by on26 July 2012

1.7GHz apparently

HTC is reportedly working on a new One X variant for the US market. The flagship handset, codenamed HTC Era 42, is said to feature a new Tegra 3+ processor bumped up to 1.7GHz.

HTC’s One X already comes in two flavours, an LTE-enabled version powered by Qualcomm’s S4 processor for the North American market and the Tegra 3 based international version. Now it seems the colonies will get a tweaked Tegra 3 as well.

We still don’t know the exact specs, although the rumour mill has been abuzz with Tegra talk lately. It seems like nothing more than a 200MHz bump and we doubt it will be enough to outpace Samsung’s quad-core Exynos 4.

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Last modified on 26 July 2012
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