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Facebook said to be working on smartphone, again

by on28 May 2012

Poaching Apple veterans for the effort

Once again Facebook is said to be working on a phone. The New York Times claims the social networking heavyweight has already tapped former Apple engineers who worked on the iPhone and iPad for the effort.

However, this is not the first time we heard Facebook phone rumours. Some of them date back two or more years and they came to nothing, hence we are somewhat skeptical.

Besides, what would a Facebook phone bring to the table anyway? The smartphone market is overcrowded as it is and unlike the potential competition and unlike Apple, Samsung or Nokia, Facebook would have to start from scratch.

Basically the outfit would have to develop a mobile OS and ecosystem, on top of unproven hardware. Perhaps Facebook could use a heavily customized version of Android or some other OS, but in that case what would be the point of calling it a Facebook phone?

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