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Half of damaged phones die in the loo

by on11 November 2011

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New research from a UK mobile phone comparison website has revealed that a third of British phone owners’ mobile phones have met a ‘watery grave’, with toilets found to be the most ‘popular’ location to drop a handset.

The study asked Brits how careful they are with their mobile phones, and the results showed that a third of phone owners have previously broken or badly damaged their handset after accidentally getting it wet. The study, conducted by, found that 31 per cent claimed to have damaged a handset with water or another liquidy substance. More than 1,937 mobile phone owners aged 18 or older were asked a series of questions about how careful they are with their mobile phones.

Blokes were nearly three times more likely to drop their phone into water compared to women. Of the 31 per cent of respondents who claimed to have damaged a handset with liquid in the past, 73 per cent were male; compared to just 27% who were women. Those who had ‘water damaged’ confessed how and the the top five causes of water damage were: dropped in the loo 47 per cent; spilt beer over it 21 per cent; taken into the bath or shower 12 per cent; dropped in washing-up bowl seven per cent, put in the washing machine 3 per cent.

Mark Owen, founder of said that as a bloke who has nearly dropped his phone into all manner of liquids, these results really make me thankful that this is something I haven’t done as yet.

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