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9900 delayed because of hardware issue?

by on01 August 2011


Will launch in September, no August release
While some had hoped that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 would finally break free from the delays and make an August launch date, that is apparently not going to happen. The latest September dates seem to be solid and the 9900 will arrive then, to an eager fan base that seems to be very excited by what the 9900 can offer.

While it was initially said and believed that the reasons for the delays with the 9900 had more to do with software than hardware, this is now said not to be the case from sources in the north. The 9900 apparently had some difficult to solve hardware issues that took some time to isolate and fix. The issues led many of those involved in testing eval units to have to return the units multiple times for replacement.

The actual hardware issue is sill a mystery, although rumbling about the printing on circuit boards is said to be part of the issue; but our sources tell us that they cannot confirm to what extent this is actually accurate. They assure us, however, that the issues will be resolved in time for the 9900’s arrival in September.

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