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Next iPhone to be “thinner and lighter”

by on07 July 2011

Both smug and anorexic
It was already reported that the next iPhone is coming in September 2011, but it now came up that it will be “thinner and lighter” than its predecessor. We suppose that this magnificent achievement will be pretty costly, but it’s not like anyone will care. (Is this your way of asking for a raise? sub.ed.)

Apparently, Apple’s manufacturer Foxconn had some difficulties assembling the new iPhones. Foxconn’s chairman already complained about iPhones and iPads being very thin, which hindered production somewhat. While the company hoped for improved yields in the second part of the year, it will not happen if Apple goes for even thinner devices, the company said.

Still, it seems like that won’t stop Apple from trying to flog some 40 million by end of 2011. Namely, one supplier claims that Apple told them to be ready to ship enough components to build 25 million iPhones. This, coupled with the earlier reported order to Pegatron, would indeed confirm Apple’s plans for 40 million.

The Wall Street Journal’s sources claim the new iPhones will come with 8mp rear cameras and Qualcomm’s baseband processors. Also, it will be thinner and lighter. We know we said that before, but we just never get tired of it.

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