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RIM might drop OS 6.1?

by on28 April 2011


Could choose to move right to OS 7
While many BlackBerry owners have been patiently waiting for BlackBerry OS 6 to arrive, it has now been branded as OS 6.1. The latest whispers that we hear from the Great White North are that RIM might skip version 6.1 and move right to OS version 7, but it will apparently not be QNX-based.

Recently, we have been hearing that we should start seeing BlackBerry OS 7 devices as early as September 2011. If true, it could mean that BlackBerry models with the 6.1 could be short lived or perhaps not even show up at all. This could also mean that those with OS 6-based models might not get much more work done.

If true, we expect the OS 7 to be a quick bump on the roadmap before the company releases their hybrid QNX BlackBerry OS, which is believed to be version 8 of the BlackBerry OS. Of course, we don’t have a clue what BlackBerrys are going to be running version 8 of the OS when it is finally released, but we do expect these BlackBerrys to be much more powerful and robust than the current offerings.

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