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Windows Mobile converts to Android

by on07 April 2010


Something Microsoft was not expecting

Hackers are
turning Windows Mobile based phones into the latest Android technology.

Microsoft Windows gear is being laughed off the shelves at the moment, at least until Windows 7 Mobile comes along. But it seems that hackers have come up with a natty solution that means you can convert your old, useless Windows Mobile 6.5 into something more useful.

Connor Roberts, a a software engineer has posted a step-by-step tutorial to running Android OS on the HTC Touch. He said that the biggest reason he switched was because Windows Mobile was so sluggish. It would hang and take forever when you dialed a number. He said that Android was a lot faster and he got GPS navigation on my phone now for free.

The process involves unlocking the phone and flashing the Android OS to it. With a decent guide it only takes half an hour. Roberts has been tinkering with the phone and says that by changing the ROM he can increase the amount of memory available or add maps from service providers such as TomTom and Garmin on the phone.

We are not sure what Steve Ballmer would have to say when he finds out. We guess the person who tells him will have to beware of flying chairs.
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