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Flash on the Nexus

by on06 January 2010


Say goodbye to your battery

has released
which shows the work that it and Google have been doing on the Open Screen Project to put Flash 10.1 on the Nexus One smartphone.

The Nexus One is an HTC Smartphone based around Google's Android and has the new Snapdragon chip on board. It should be around in the first half of 2010. The video shows how Adobe have been getting Flash 10.1 to work on the new gizmo and includes a few touch screen games.

A spokesman for Adobe said it was important to take advantage of all the functionality of the new Snapdragon chip, Android and the hardware which HTC is providing. He said that when the work is ready, Flash will push the new version to Nexus One users over the web.

Of course it looks like the battery of his Nexus One has taken a canning but you get that from Flash use. It also means you will get the chance to see those wonderful flash adverts on your smartphone. Hooray.
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