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Sprint has issues with Tour launch

by on16 July 2009


Just can’t seem to have launch without issues

Those who happen to be on the Sprint network have been waiting for the launch of the BlackBerry Tour 9630 and have likely experienced another problem-filled launch, which seems to have become a tradition for Sprint. It seems that although the company claimed that they would ship the 9630 starting July 12th, our sources are reporting that it appears that the 9630 launch by Sprint is nothing more than a paper launch at this point.

Sprint subscribers seem to be getting steamed about Sprint’s inability to successfully launch a new handset without issues. This time around, Sprint would not allow pre-orders of the 9630 till July 12th and, according to our sources, despite the online system showing available inventory it seems that customers received a canned backorder notice from Sprint.

Our sources tell us that subscribers calling into Sprint customer service were given little to no information about why their 9630 order was placed on backorder status, and it seems that Sprint is not telling anyone officially what the issue really is. Our yellow moles have at least hinted to us that a lack of inventory could be big issue, with Sprint expecting actual stock ready to ship in the next couple of days.

It would seem that Sprint isn’t the only carrier that is having launch issues, but it seems Sprint’s launch issues continue to be widely publicized and magnified due to a poor track record of being able to launch new hot handsets in a timely manner. Sprint is likely to lose customers over this, and it simply could have been avoided by delaying the launch, from the sounds of it. Maybe Sprint will learn a lesson for next time; but we expect that this is unlikely.

Last modified on 16 July 2009
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