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Apple goes to court over iPhone hairline cracks

by on18 November 2008


The smug won't stand for it

Back in
July we reported about some issues with the new 3G iPhone, here. A number of early adopters were complaining about tiny, hairline fractures appearing on their shiny new toys.

Avi Koschitzki, a 23-year old New Yorker, has filed a complaint against the toy maker, accusing it of knowingly shipping faulty units, cracked like eggs. He also claims AT&T's 3G network is woefully inadequate and can't live up to expectations, thanks to bandwidth limitations. Therefore, AT&T is also named in the suit.

Koschitzki is also accusing Apple of misleading consumers, claiming the new iPhone would be twice as fast as the 2G generation. (Marketing misleading consumers? I'm outraged... sub.ed.)

More here.

Last modified on 19 November 2008
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